SOPROQ is a collective society for the Rights of Makers of Sound and Video Recordings allowing master owners to benefit fully from the rights they are entitled to under Canada’s copyright legislation.
Press releases / News

SOPROQ Info April 2018


  Spring is here, but SOPROQ is not likely to stop! They are many topics of interest, as you will see in this newsletter: the third royalties distribution of 2018; new improvements to the Octave portal and what SOPROQ’s members should […]

SOPROQ Info February 2017 – now online!

  The very first newsletter of 2018 features various topics, including: the requirement of assigning ISRC codes to your sound recordings; the difficult status of music videos and their royalties; SOPROQ’s Facebook page, a place to stay informed; and more! Good read!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ISRC code?

The ISRC code is a unique identifier that helps differentiate each sound recording and each music video.

How can I obtain an ISRC code?

You simply need to contact us, by email or by phone.