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What is an ISRC code?

The ISRC code is a unique identifier that helps differentiate each sound recording and each music video.

How can I obtain an ISRC code?

You simply need to fill out our online form.

Does the ISRC protect my sound recording or my music video?

No. The ISRC is simply an identifier which, in addition to the title and performer name, helps differentiate each sound recording and each music video.

Do I need to be a member of SOPROQ in order to obtain an ISRC code?

No, that’s not necessary. If you are a maker and/or rights holder on a sound recording or a music video, you can obtain ISRC codes simply by contacting us.

How can I register with SOPROQ?

You must contact us in order to receive an Agreement. By signing the Agreement, as well as filling out our sound recordings and music videos declaration forms, you will be registered with SOPROQ.

How do you know that my music is played on the radio?

We receive reports from radio stations and other users on a regular basis. When your sound recordings are duly declared with SOPROQ, it allows us to match them with the received reports, and therefore establish the amount of royalties to be distributed.

What is the difference between SOPROQ, SOCAN and SODRAC?

Each of these organizations administers different rights. SOCAN represents performing rights for music creators and publishers, while SODRAC administers reproduction rights for the same musical works. As for SOPROQ, it manages the royalties for the makers of sound recordings and music videos.

What is the difference between a musical work and a sound recording?

A musical work is a melody, a harmony, or either combination of those two elements, with or without lyrics. A sound recording is the carrier on which the musical work is fixed. As a comparison, the sound recording may be seen as being a container, whereas the musical work is the contents.

What is the difference between a producer and a maker?

A maker is the person or society which makes the arrangements for the first fixation of the sounds. A producer is responsible for supervising all artistic decisions about the recording. Please note that in French, a producer is a “réalisateur”, while a maker is a “producteur”.

I’m not sure how to fill out my declaration form. What can I do?

The specific vocabulary used in our declaration forms is well explained in our Glossary section. As a member of SOPROQ, you can also refer to your online account and complete your declarations via our web portal. However, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Are the royalties that I receive from SOPROQ taxable?

The royalties that you receive from SOPROQ are free from any sales tax. You may contact us for more details.