Entrusting your rights

Are you a maker of sound recordings or music videos? Or do you think you own the rights on such recordings? If you meet the criteria set out in the Copyright Act, you can entrust the administration of your rights to SOPROQ and receive royalties.

What you need to know

Under the Act, you are a maker of sound recordings if you are the one who makes the arrangements for the “first fixation of the sounds”, including:

  • signing contracts with performers,
  • financing,
  • and technical services.

How to entrust the administration of your rights to SOPROQ

  1. Sign the Agreement Respecting the Assignment and Licensing of Sound Recordings and Videograms with SOPROQ. Technically, this makes you a “member” of SOPROQ, and that gives SOPROQ the power to collect, administer and pay you the royalties you are entitled to under the reproduction, equitable remuneration, and private copying regimes.
  2. “Declare” the sound recordings and music videos for which you own the rights.
  3. Keep this repertoire up to date with SOPROQ to ensure that all the recordings for which you own the rights are accounted for at all times.

Getting started

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