How it works

In order to broadcast your sound recordings and music videos, users (radio stations, background music suppliers, etc.) must first reproduce them. When Soproq authorizes on your behalf these music services to reproduce your sound recordings or music videos, they must in return pay royalties.

Various rates apply depending on the licenses negotiated directly by Soproq with users, or, for commercial radio, according to the tariff set by the Copyright Board.

With a few exceptions, music services (users) are required to provide lists of sound recordings or music videos that they copy for broadcast purposes. These lists are used for the distribution of royalties.

Sound recordings and makers eligibility

Any sound recording or music video published in Canada for which the term of copyright protection has not expired.

Reproduction and Music Videos

  • Soproq Licensees
    Pay reproduction fees
    Send broadcast logs
  • Soproq
    Collection of royalties and processing of broadcast logs
    Production of distribution files
    Distribution to members
  • Members